Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Beach trip #2

This past weekend was my second girls weekend at the beach this fall. This time it was my annual trip with my Sunday School class. Or my old Sunday School class, now that we have moved and go to a different church. They're still my girls, though!

We were a smaller group this time (believe it or not), but we still had such a great time. The weather was perfect and the time with friends was even better.

I tried to take this picture of Jamye and me, but we were in a moving car and I couldn't get my hand to stop shaking. It would have been really cute, though, right? 

What I really want to focus on in this post, though, is how my husband really stepped it up this weekend while I was gone. Normally when I go out of town, my mother-in-law is here and happy to help. However, she herself was going to be at the beach at the same time, so Jay was pretty much on his own with the kids for the very first time. Ever. I know that sounds kind of crazy, but it is what it is. The director of TK's preschool, Michele, came over on Thursday and Friday afternoons to keep the kids until Jay got home from work, for which we were both so thankful. Michele is wonderful and we love her! Other than those afternoons, Jay was it. And it was not a normal weekend, unfortunately. Tessa Kate had not one, but two princess birthday parties to attend on Saturday. Jay and Coop, who love to camp out on the couch and watch football all day long on Saturdays, took her to both. They must really love that little girl! Here are the pictures Jay, Michele and some of the moms from the party sent me this weekend:

Heading home from preschool with Miss Michele!

Jay can do nothing with Tessa's hair other than clip a bow in it. Sweet Michele was kind enough to pull it back in a braid on Friday.

Jay took the kids to dinner and the park on Friday night. He said she set her mind to climbing this little wall and figured it out pretty quickly on her own.

Party #1 with her little princess pals. Happy birthday, Dowd!

Party #2. Happy birthday, Grace!

She rode a unicorn!

Jay said she had SO much fun on Saturday at her parties. Apparently, she was excited about every aspect and up for anything. You may or may not remember, but we had such a hard time with Cooper at parties until he was almost 5. It was a real struggle for all of us. It's certainly a refreshing change of pace for kiddo #2 to be easygoing when it comes to things like this. Birthday parties should be fun, so we're glad TK enjoys them. Moreover, though, I am so so thankful for Jay stepping up in a big way this weekend. I was able to completely relax and enjoy my time away. And my little reset must have worked, because I missed my three favorites like crazy and was more than ready to come home. :-)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall ball

For the first time, Cooper is playing baseball in the fall. Usually he plays flag football, but we weren't really sure about their program here. Since Cooper will start playing kid-pitch for the first time in the spring in an entirely new league, we thought a jump start on that wouldn't be the worst thing for him. Plus, his games and practices are during the week and the entire season is only about six weeks long. He has been learning a ton, making new friends and having a lot of fun. Fall ball has been a success so far for sure!

And, of course, no one enjoys the games more than Tessa Kate...she's Cooper's biggest fan!

Spitting sunflower seeds just like Daddy...her favorite game time activity.

The most beautiful baseball fan there ever was!

The season is already almost over, but we have really enjoyed it. Special thanks to my mother-in-law, who has made it to nearly every game (even though they are late and far away) and who took some of these amazing pictures of my kiddos. :-)

Sunday, September 25, 2016


We took a nice twilight walk at the park by the lake last week and I caught some amazing sunset pictures.

We sure do live in a beautiful little town, don't we?

Friday, September 23, 2016

Timeout for TK

I'm sure this is surprising to no one, but Tessa Kate has sat in timeout a few times this first year of preschool. I probably should have prefaced that by saying Cooper has sat in timeout zero times in all the days he's been in school. So, while timeout about for my wild girl isn't exactly surprising, it is still a little shocking to me each time I hear the news. No worries, though. Tess is happy as can be when she says, "I sit in timeout!"

Last Friday, poor Ms. Magen shared only one picture with parents instead of her usual five or six.

Evidently, there was a full moon going on. Her entire class had to sit in timeout, and all for different reasons! Tessa Kate's infraction was taking her shoes off outside, digging in the dirt with them and then pouring the dirt over her head. Kind of funny, but still. And this came after she fessed up about another incident where she took the books out or something. I never confirmed that with Ms. Magen, but I'm not sure why she would make it up.

However, this Monday, Tessa Kate and Alice were the first to be able to go to the treasure box, which means they went the  most days without sitting in timeout. She was SO excited to show me the pink pony she picked out. It has slept in her bed with her every night since!

And then this came home on Wednesday:

She was once again super happy to report that she had sat in timeout again. Oy. You can't let your guard down with this girl. It's anyone's guess what today will be like...I'm hoping for a good one!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cooper's 9th Birthday Party

Better late than never, right? I completely forgot to post my pictures from our boy's birthday party earlier this month. Here goes.

We had the Mollers, Cash and Cooper's new friend, George, over for a spend the night party the first Friday in September. We ate pizza, played a lot and also went to the high school football game home opener. Lots of fun!

I'm glad Cooper had such a good birthday...but I'm going to once again declare no more spend the night parties from here on out. I really really hope I read back over this before next September. ;-)